ACTION ALERT: “The Mermaid” Film Promotes Stereotypes and Force

sdavidowBy Sera Davidow

It’s Murphy Bill season, and every last article, video and sound bite that’s circling counts in the court of public opinion. Tim Murphy reportedly has admitted that manipulation of information for public consumption is a necessary evil in order to push his agenda. Apparently he feels his self-righteous cause justifies his means. But, the swirl of misguided media leaves the rest of us needing to be all the more attentive to the messages flying around.

Unfortunately, Murphy has plenty of unwitting subjects to further his desired message, and one of them is Italome Ohikhuare who wrote and produced ‘The Mermaid’. ‘The Mermaid’ is a about a young woman and her relationship with her brother who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. It is reportedly based on Italome’s real-life experiences with her real-life brother, for whom she claims this piece is a ‘gift’.

The film is an unfortunate 13-minute advertisement…

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The Garniss family enact Illegal operations in the conduct of a Commercial Rental Contract with their 17 year disabled tenant in Melrose

Elizabeth Garniss and her brothers Lyman and Michael Garniss of Tewksbury, North Reading and Melrose areas try to take over a commercial lease tenancy at will contract that Renee LaPlume has with her father Lyman Garniss Sr. through a self help illegal eviction, calling and harassing Renee Laplume beginning on January 28th 2015, with every pejorative manner of insult and aggression, continuing in February with confused and contradicting emails, even more degrading and insulting, intentionally abusive and harassing. They refuse to file proper statutory notice to quit for this commercial lease rental property (a tenancy at will paying quarterly requires three months statutory notice to quit before they can even enter court against the tenant only if the tenant hasn’t left), rather in fact they just change the locks to the commercial tenancy locking Renee Laplume out of her own space which she rented from 1999 during the first quarter of the year months before she ever received their insufficient and unlawful one month’s notice to quit. How can she remove her things and thus move away from their abusive ways without the keys, they don’t care, they don’t want to hire a lawyer, anxious to inherit the properties of their dying father, carelessly and recklessly abandoning the nature of the contract that he is obliged to follow under law, destroying the Quiet Peaceful Enjoyment of a long term loyal paying tenant of their father, entering the unit excessively for personal interests and non emergency reasons, taking photographs and inviting others to the space, while denying the keys so that Ms. LaPlume can leave herself. They use influences they claim to have from the town government to try to skirt the law and miscast the nature of the property as merely a ‘storage’ property. 1800 square feet containing tables and shelves that we built for the space, electricity at one point early in the tenancy having been in my name, was a wood workers space before it was mine, was free to use for a multitude of uses and has never been terminated, nor filed for proper jurisdiction or authority in court, yet they have already entered my rented space prior to a single action in a civil court on the matter to discard my property nor even a proper termination request being requested or mailed. Ongoing efforts were made to try to bring these people to a table, for instance to a mediator, to contact a lawyer who has actually been involved before about 10 years ago, to meet them to discuss this, to compromise, but all they do is continue with threats and lawlessness violating every right I have as a renter, every right I have as a citizen, even blatantly perjuring themselves in a non civil court to try to gain advantage and skirt the commercial laws that bind us in our contract and how it is to be conducted. I am disgusted and devastated. Over $40k in money paid, and no assurance that my property is even safe. I will be suing for triple the money that I paid, the difficult to assess value of my writing and art as well as innumerable personal records, plus the emotional damages which they have willfully been causing through their cruel and unusual treatment of me from the first moments of contact back in January. It has been hard for me to find a continuing value in my life at this point. I am severely struggling. Life has no fairness, no justice and no sense. This is a public notice containing only the facts of this matter. Elizabeth Garniss works at the Shawsheen Technological Highschool in Tewksbury as a teacher and Lyman Garniss, Jr. works at Partners Health care in Boston, many if not all of his abusive and harassing emails has been written from his work while on the job in the IT department wherein he admits to having done many cursory searches of Renee Laplume online and spouts much inaccurate information about the details of her life. Lyman Garniss Sr. is a business and property owner in Melrose and the area. Please reshare, for my and other’s protection.

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at it with nina again, to Heal or not to Heal….. dependency or truth???

Renee Marie LaPlume

Renee Marie LaPlume ‎”If your taking an antidepressant, and still feel depressed, consider Adding abilify”. Gee this route of treatment sure sounds promising doesn’t it??? this is pretty sad that they say it right in their commercials, drugs don’t work!!! we need deeper ways to health and healing, more complete, affecting all aspects of… our being, personally, socially, communally, emotionally, mentally, morally,ethically, ecologically

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August 4 at 11:14am Custom: loading… · ·

    • Renee Marie LaPlume and spiritually!!!

      August 4 at 11:14am · ·
    • Erskien Lenier Drugs are an attempt to replace real foods which is what the body & spirit need to fuel our mission in life: To honor “The God in all Things” Here is the real truth on foods: “The 80-10-10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

      August 4 at 11:21am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume right o. thnks for saying it. i agree. i have that book and the truths in it are kind of not recognized main stream, Fruits are not void of proteins!!!

      August 4 at 11:26am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume the body thirsts for nutrients so it can grow and create its wonders, without them, things start to break down, and people rather than take it as a wake up call are led to doctors who give them drugs to prop them up, uppers, downers, whatever, it jsut sends you farther away from who you are and what your body really wants, and NEEDS. whole healthy food, organic, local, raw, shared in communities, prepared with love, etc.

      August 4 at 11:30am · ·

      August 4 at 11:51am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume ‎??? can you say that again? i am not sure what you are saying.

      August 4 at 11:55am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      if you are saying what I think then i would say start with foods, eat healthy, prop your body up yourself, naturally, exercise, join groups that have good fellowship, find interesting work, take care of sleep, get off all drugs and alcholol…s, like coffee and tylenols, etc, then if you need things for sleep, use herbs, if you need to wake up and be more active, more calm, use herbs, these are gentler, live with the pain of the discrepancy between what you want and what you feel, and it will gradually narrow and be less painful, food first, herbs second, keeping active and involved, you can eventually lower, reduce and remove the medications, it isn’t easy if you have been on them for awhile, so support your body the best you can, give it the nutrients it needs, everyone agrees the body is the best pharmacy there is…. : )See More
      August 4 at 11:58am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume drugs numb the body and distance the mind from being able to know what is going on and be able to assist in the true healing of it, be ware, doctors don’t care, they treat symptoms and don’t care that they are messengers to indicate there is a need for deep changes, if you are unhappy change your life, don’t give in and take drugs, you are nearly ensuring you will never find the answers you are striving for inside….

      August 4 at 12:03pm · ·

      August 4 at 12:04pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume karen, just eat well every day, don’t eat what the world tells you to eat, eat fruit, eat a lot of them, tomatos and cucumbers and squash, they are actually fruit, eat them all, eat them fresh and whole, in time you will see you don’t need those drugs, but you have to give your body the raw materials to make what it needs to be well, your doctor doesn’t care about your long term health, you have to take control for yourself!!!

      August 4 at 12:06pm · ·

      August 4 at 12:11pm · ·
    • Molly Cisco What they don’t tell you in those commercials is that these drug cause extreme weight gain which leads to early death….
      We need supports and services that lead to recovery…not just pills crammed down our throats

      August 4 at 12:11pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume yes we do, and as a people we need to find the money to support those services, right now the drug companies have the complete corner of the market, they are taking us for a ride completely, got to put the brakes on it individually and as a community. We need to demand a redirection in care, the easy answer quick fix (drugs) isn’t what it seems not for users and not for communities….. it just kicks the can further down the road but truly does nothing for anybody…

      August 4 at 12:27pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden How do you explain my grandmother who grew her own organic fresh vegetables who was bipolar, my dad was bipolar, I am bipolar and my daughter was diagnosed as bipolar? Abilify is the only thing keeping me alive. When I become sick, I become suicidal and can’t tell my thoughts from reality and try killing myself. Only Abilify has stopped the suicidal ideation.

      August 4 at 1:57pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden Nothing else worked with my body chemistry except this one drug. I can go off of it for 48 hours and start getting extremely depressed and become suicidal.

      August 4 at 1:59pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i’m not sure nina, i am interested though, can you read robert whittaker’s book and then lets discuss this?!!! … i am really not sure, are you sure it is not partly a phenomena of the cultural context you and your family existing in, would it be this way in every case???

      August 4 at 1:59pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume well regarding effects at going off it, that does not mean that you would have been wacked without it, but your brain changes on drugs, and i would never say get off it cold turkey, the answer might best have been answered before the drugs were ever introduced. but for you they were apparently introduced before you were even born.

      August 4 at 2:01pm · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear

      I have Major depressive Mood Disorder. I am on Cymbalta. I have I have beem on other anti-depressents. They did not help. In bewreen the drugs whe I had been of of them for months. I was extremely depressed, wanted to die and cried all th t…ime. Since I have been on cymbalta it has help to relieve about 80 percent of my depression and other symptons. It is the only that has worked for me. So don’t knock drugs for the people that really need them I have tried St. Johns Wort. It makes me jumpy and nervous. I am a vey well educated person and highly intelligent. Depression runs in my family.See More
      August 4 at 2:26pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      its true there are different kinds of depression, and each has different needs, but research has shown that exercise is as good as drugs, because our bodies are in fact chemical factories, far superior to those of man, if you give the raw i…ngredients it can do what it needs, they have shown that volunteering, working, opening the doors for people, all these things make serious differences in mood… there are therapies available, important to find real causes, and treat the real issue, other wise you are only treating symptoms and there are some real prices to pay for that, including a potentially significantly shortened life, so this is serious business, at the same time i don’t want to pretend to be you or take away your right to choose!!! See More
      August 4 at 2:29pm · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear I also take cymbalta for my neuropathy pain and fibromyilgia pain. So it is a very useful drug for me to take.

      August 4 at 2:30pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume there are a million different kinds of “cures” including flower essence remedies, therapy itself has been proven to be needed and can be effective on its own… may be different for everyone what will work, perhaps a creative outlit… doing a different career, etc….

      August 4 at 2:31pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume have you tried valerian root for those things? it relaxes the muscles as well as the mood.

      August 4 at 2:31pm · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear Are we headed for “A Brave New World”?

      August 4 at 2:52pm · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear I prefer script drugs to narural because natural drugs are not regulaed by the FDA

      August 4 at 2:56pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      natural drugs are regulated by GOD. : )

      they have been studied and used for thousands of years, there are books and books and books on them, with fda drugs you get a couple drug research trials, 20 years of testing probably at the very best…, even less years of use, you are really throwing the dice with this ideology lillian, with your own body, you could try challenging yourself a little bit. think about it!

      natural “drugs”? i didn’t actually recommend that, herbs are the best, in the forms of dried leaves in tea, if not you should try non standardized forms of them, for ease of use, or flower essences, but like i said that is only second after food and exercise which you should be thinking of first and foremost if you have any kind of health problem at all, it is only supposed to be after these have been tried and fail that drugs are resorted to, they aren’t meant to be prescribed to everyone with the simplest of complaints at first report, no way. too dangerous.

      The fda is caught up in human systems of money and politics, the meager people whom have used and studied herbs for 1000’s of years, not so, you get a lot of information through the many cultures and time periods in which these herbs were found and used…. i find it completely ignorant to be willing to dismiss this!See More

      August 4 at 3:38pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume in the case of a root, you have to boil it, it is a concoction rather than an infusion, because the root is tougher and it is harder to get the active ingredients out.

      August 4 at 3:39pm · ·
    • Lewis Howe abillify sucks. don’t take it

      August 4 at 3:44pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i have several different sets of friends on here, the raw food people aren’t usually arguing the merits of psych meds! unless people are eating right and whole raw food, they can’t argue that my position is bad, bec you would have to do th…is first, and fail, over time, for me to believe it isn’t effective, i am convinced your body can make what it needs and any symptoms you experience are messages, that we should listen to, and make other changes as a result of, suppressing symptoms is not a cure. over the long run it only creates more health problems, it is a choice which involves giving up on real health on whole health which, I maintain the belief, could be yours. there are many people in this world who really do not give a fuck if you ever reach your true potential, so long as you activities make them rich…. buying drugs is definately making some people very very rich…. i am not sure what its doing for you but making you dependent, and maybe more sick…. i mean i don’t want to knock those getting temporary relief, or who feel there is nothing else that can be done, i’m not you and can’t speak for you, but I jsut feel there is a lot more there, that no one spends all this money to promote and teach… even prayer for instance, seriously!See More
      August 4 at 3:55pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume the ad is kind of like saying “and if you have any nerves left which are live and still active and paining you we can dumb those down for you too, just add our drug on top of those your on”, i mean you have to admit, it is pretty pathetic right?….

      August 4 at 5:16pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden

      Each human has a unique body chemistry….that’s why some sleeping pills jack people up while some speed puts others to sleep. All the anti-psychotic drugs failed except for Abilfy. I’ve tried taking myself off slowly and got sick and once …I ran out and got very sick. I have a chemical imbalance in my brain where my dopamine, seratonin, and another brain chemical are not metered out correctly as other people. This is a genetic disease. We know of 4 generations having it and we suspect my great grandmother may have had it. She was into herbs and roots and still had her “spells.” She was a gypsy-Cherokee Indian cross.See More
      August 4 at 8:13pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden We’ve had the disease cross cultures, ethnicity, environment, age, sex, and mental ability (my dad was in MENSA) and my daughter is very, very gifted.

      August 4 at 8:16pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      there are a lot of gifted genius people who are said to have so called bipolar, virginia wolfe for instance…. that is yet another thing, who says it is bad??? why not self manage, accept your own nature… work with it…. they have nev…er proved that chemical imbalance crap so you really shoudn’t talk about it like that nina, it is like talking about snow white as if she were a real person with dwarfs and alll that… ha ha…. why let them pathologize who you are? it is like betwitched and i dream of jeanie where they were meant to try to suppress and hide their true nature, gifts and wonder and to be ashamed of it, why not just learn better how to manage it, i am not saying it is/would be easy…. but i do believe it can be done…. as for cross cultures… in south america schizophrenia also believed to be a chemical thing, it resolves, in communities, within a couple years, here it is chronic, i think it has more to do with our society than our individuals!!!See More
      August 4 at 8:26pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume your brain changes on these drugs, they are sad to abnormalize, not to normalize the brain, that is the issue, food and herbs are not that aggressive, actions and attitudes and states of mind, habits and activiites are a gentler safer way to address these things.

      August 4 at 8:28pm · ·
    • Jeff Makana When they use so much money in ads, know something is not right… You don’t see Rolls Royce using big ads… same for some of the most expensive cars… because they know why they are good and don’t need to lie to make a sell….:)

      Thursday at 9:09am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume yes they only have to sell the lie, or rather, only have their lie to sell, because their product will ultimately kill/annihilate their customers…

      Thursday at 12:00pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden

      Renee, how do you self-manage mania when you have delusions and are not grounded in reality…such as one time thinking I was rich and spent over $150,000…..or when I “thought” jump in the pool with the extension cord plugged in and I act…ually did it….I couldn’t tell my thoughts from my actions…my guardian angel saved me that day…From the plug to the pool was ten feet and I had a twenty foot extension cord….when I jumped in, even with ten feet of slack, it unplugged the second I hit the water. Bipolar is the NUMBER one killer of people by suicide. It’s not something to “embrace” or “heal with roots”…it’s very, very dangerous. As long as I don’t get manic…I’m fine…and Abilify is the only thing that worked with my particular body chemistry to control the mania. My dad, on the other hand, was controlled by Lithium…..when I took Lithium, I almost died from Lithium poisoning. So, it’s a crap shoot to find THE med to fit with each person. I’ve been on Abilify since 2005 and have not had a manic episode since then.See More
      Yesterday at 4:57pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      first nina, you have a more gentle attitude towards yourself, stop using cold and alienating language for what you feel or believe or experience, try acceptance and love, can you afford to take time out of work and just let it explode, let …it be, it will pass, like the weather it passes, the fan fare subsides, it becomes less of a show and is just part of you, that you can come to understand instead of being afraid of… you have to develop a witness in yourself, who watches the part of you who believes the delusions but yet just lets that part believe it, but all the while has the sober mind that says, no, that is not true… or rather doesn’t judge it like that at all, but rather just keeps you safe, and records the facts and the thoughts and beliefs without judgement, while making sober decisions all the same, would frued have called this the superego, or is it something more developed than this, i don’t know… all’s i know is that it can be done and it can be healing, completely, rather than temporary or incomplete, the doctors prefer temporary or incomplete because then they can maintain their authority over you, all i know is that i couldn’t live like that No Way. i think you can move through it instead of being afraid of it or stuck in it forever, and if you can’t be that safe aspect for yourself then there are places that you can do it with others providing that aspect to you and if there are not for you then there will be, just wait…. with people like me who know and understand and can keep you safe if that is what you decide you want to do and it is important to you as it was for me…. it is something to embrace or heal with roots nina, it is just part of being human, and there are ways to breathe through it, to overcome, no i didn’t say it was easy, drugs can put it off or avoid the work but i think anytime you decide you want to do the work, and not reject the information God wanted you to work through and to understand then you can do that too…. it is not dangerous, essentially, it is organic, it is part of you, that lie is just what they want you to feel, they make it worse with all they have to say…. you aren’t that abnormal… they said i was bipolar and now they say no way, were they wrong or did i heal??? either way i think they are full of shit. i know so much more than they ever will… and i am not afraid of what is in me, i admit i was initially, but now the worst of it has become my skin, as normal as my skin, and it has value and use and i wouldn’t change a part of me, it is for a reason… i have no fears that i once had, i am healthier than a person who never had a break down or a break through, i am confident and wise…. this comes from walking through the fire, and bearing it, and knowing that you Will be Ok! and it comes by Choice.See More
      15 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      you have to have the superego or whatever it is that fiinds out what your vulnerabilities are and puts plans in place so that you are not dangerous (to yourself) when you get sick, not spending all your money whatever it is, you have to de…cide to change and do it, in times when you are well, so that you can take care of yourself when you are not well, and soon the need to be not well just dissapears bec that part of you is cared for by the other part of you, Viola, “mental illness” dissapears, you can wait for others to love you as you are and serve your needs or you can simply serve your own, and heal, that ‘s what i did! and it worked. when you give that part of yourself attention on the good days, just like a bad child who gets attention for being good, the bad child has no need to be anymore, once you integrate the messages it has to make, its reason for being, it simply dissapears, and you end up with the lessons that ensure you will never be sick again, bec you learn to listen to yourself, it is amazing, the human body and God are amazing you do not need drugs….. no way. there are messages and meanings in madness few seek to understand and to live by…..See More
      15 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Nina Snowden Renee, you don’t understand, when I go off Abilify within 48 hours I am sick again. I am “well” now because I am on Abilify. I have a genetic, physiological disease of the brain which affects my thinking. Mental illness is like cancer….it’s real, it’s brain damaging every time you have an episode and kills neurons….it’s deadly and unlike cancer, there is no cure…only “control”, but never a cure.

      13 hours ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden No one WANTS cancer, no one WANTS to be gay, and no one WANTS mental illness….but they all happen…and they are genetically rooted. Granted, of the 3, cancer is the most controllable to prevent by a good life style.

      13 hours ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden Would you tell someone who was gay (and born that way) to change their diet and they would be heterosexual? NO…why? Because you know they are BORN with it. Mental illness is the exact same thing…people are BORN with it.

      13 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      nina you don’t understand, i am not telling you to go off abilify and i certainly didn’t tell you to do it being unwilling to be “sick again”, sometimes the only way over something is Through it. you can’t have that attitude and expect to …be well. You are making your choices and you have a right to them, i am just speaking for those who want to know or require something different, i think it is possible to heal, i did….. perhaps everyone is different??? but i still believe that much more is possible then they let on for everytime i see a person who was determined as i was to be the master of their own lives i see a person who healed from a former label 100%.

      as far as having a “genetic, physiological disease of the brain” sorry nina that is Bullshit. they have never ever Ever proven that, it is hogwash, propaganda, a fairy tale…. what is brain damaging is your drugs, you need to read the book Anatomy of an Epidemic by a local writer here Robert Whitaker and then get back to me. you really need to learn this…. it is NOTHING like cancer, not at all!!! Please!!! you have a brain but you also have a mind, and despite everything you can still use it, and you can find solutions that are organic and permanent to your problems, i didn’t say you snap your fingers but it CAN be worked out if there is will….

      many many many people have healed permanently from mental illness using other things besides drugs nina, i have the right to promote what worked for me and to tell my story…. i am Not alone!!! they are Liars to tell you that drugs are your only path to fredom, in fact they are the only path to be enslaved.

      doctors admit that “illness” (mental) is a combination of environment and biological, then why don’t you agree that you can use the environment to heal it, have you not heard of dbt and cbt, do you know nothing of using your own self and supports and programs to change the way your mind works or to differently interpret it, are you aware of the true story behind Beautiful Mind, do you know what he was able to achieve??? we can change our reactions to things if nothing else, you can rewire your mind. you don’t need to take every manic ride that you are invited to!!! you CAN be responsible.

      that being said you can do what you choose! and you seem firm in your decisions as i am in mine!!! no big deal, you have the right to choose!!! it isn’t easy to do it the other way but it IS permanent, i am pretty much IMMUNE to being ill again, I KNOW. and it is powerful. i prefer that to kicking the can down the road anyday!!! this is what i needed for MY SELF, and i can teach others what i have witnessed and experienced, and the fact that you don’t believe in it is no reason for me to stop sharing Nina, I also do not believe what you believe on so so many issues….. but people have and do heal without drugs, and their healing is superior, and no one would deny that, it is awesome to not be dependent on a drug and to have your healing personally built, and to have that self understanding that comes with it… it can’t be beat, not by any pill… yes, there is a struggle but mental illness Can and Has been overcome, and you can find many people who did it, two famous ones are David Oaks and Dan Fisher for instance… and Me! : )See More

      9 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      you are just wrong about a lot of things, even doctors agree that healing comes with at least 50% therapy, it can come from 100% therapy, the problem is so many take drugs without the therapy, when it shoudl be considered a crutch you get r…id of once you get what you need done… of course drug companies are not spreading the information in this truth! drugs could get you through a crisis if you feel frightened or overwhelmed or inconvenienced by the crisis, but drugs will never (by themselves) heal. but healing is available, i don’t know how to convince you, but right now you are worshipping your illness, you are not worshipping the ideas of truth and wholeness and health, autonomy and capacity, about yourSELF. how could you expect any different results when your beliefs are as they are, seriously now?….. you are arguing for limitation, i will Never ever Ever agree with you! i have seen and experienced the truth, “mental illness” Can be healed and overcome…. there is so so much that can be done, the will has to be there and the ability to imagine it, first and foremost, give yourself a little more credit, and you can experience whole new worlds…. powerful. try looking at yourself not as sick but special, and do the special things you need to do to take proper care of yourself, bring your “illness” under your control. stop looking for the one answer you have been offered (which makes other people rich), consider self observation, self study, figure it out….

      if you go off meds you need support, you need to practice good sleep hygene, whether or not you “feel” like sleeping, you have to be very grown up and mature, you have to make the executive decisions over your more emotive less developed parts of self, you have to witness what is happening inside of you and learn about it, you have to have the time to take this on as a project and the determination to see it through, you have to believe you can do it, first and foremost, or your highest parts are going to sabotage yourself…. it’s up to you…….See More

      8 hours ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden

      Renee…..they have PET scans that show bipolar, depression, brain damage, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD and the “normal” brain. You may have had a personality disorder which no medicine can heal and most people live with the label….but with t…he right mind set and will to over come it, yes, a personality disorder CAN be healed. I overcame Borderline Personality disorder and multiple personality disorder. But, it’s not bullshit…there are physiological changes in the brain of a normal person, a manic person, a depressed person (all electro chemical changes) and the brain of an ADD child is red hot at night (while sleeping the brain is revved up as fast as it can go) and the reason they have a learning disorder is as the body is waking up the brain is going to sleep…that is why they are given stimulants to help them….keep the brain awake when the body is awake and let it go to sleep when the body goes to sleep. They now have POSITIVE proof of these mental illnesses as seen on a PET scan. There are only 3 PET scan machines in the USA. They are very expensive and very sensitive to brain “heat” given off by the speed of the neuron chemical uptake in the synapses. See More
      48 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden

      I’ve been in therapy since 1996. Therapy helps and IS 50% of the battle, but when one has a chemical imbalance, the drug must be given to stimulate the brain into making more of one chemical and less of another. Some drugs mix with an indiv…idual chemistry and do the trick, some make the person sicker (been there and done that) and some do nothing at all….as each of us has our unique electro chemical signature.

      My book is about my healing my multiple personality (which is not a mental illness) and my borderline personality and finally bringing my bipolar illness under control.See More

      44 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume no they don’t nina, that’s total crap.

      44 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden You, my dear, are 20 years behind in brain study. Because you obviously don’t know anything about a PET scan. I’ve seen them. I’ve seen the bipolar mind…the manic mind, the depressed mind, the ADD child, etc….in my Master’s degree study in upper level psychology classes.

      40 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i didn’t have a personality disorder, it is true that i may not have actually had bipolar, but the doctors who said i did will die saying it, there are better ones who finally agree with me, that just proves my point, that maybe your label …is bullshit too, you ahve to decide things for yourself, i knew when i witnessed them giving a 16 year old a cup filled with a cocktail of different pills that they could not be trusted and that is why i have been observant and wise and found my way out and am not dependent on drugs right now, that is not to say i didn’t have problems along the way, bec i sure did, but none, let me repeat NONE was worse than STIGMA, and i went through as crazy as experiences as th most crazy prson, but that is no more, all gone… i am telling you that i am not alone when i tell you I KNOW THE WAY OUT!!!! drugs keep you stuck but YOu CAN get free, but you have to be desirous enough, it has to be a life goal, anyone for whom it was has healed, i know that, i have seen it, over and over and over… READ the book ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC judge for yourself.See More
      40 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden Have you ever seen a PET scan? Google it.

      40 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      you speak of fairy tales sold to you as fact, even shrinks, the good ones will admit the truth… but they have you fooled, just argue for your limitation on your own time, i know healing and many others have too, and that is what people al…ways say, you were mislabeled, yes but you all were, because mental illness is a social problem, and not individual at all, if not then how come people with schizophrenia in south america who live in simple socieites HEAL??? it is bec it is not an individual’s disease at all. real change comes from the creatively maladjusted (mlk), it takes that level to overcome the oppression of this barbaric institution (psychiatry)… and all its fools.See More
      38 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i don’t want to argue with you, you can have your opinion, but the more you argue it the more you will convince yourself, and it is a limited and disparaging and incomplete view.

      37 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume it limits YOU!

      37 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden My label is based upon science. Personality disorders and neurosis are not mental illnesses and CAN be healed…but are very difficult to do so. And if a person has overcome any of these….then my hat’s off to them for their perseverance and their strong will to stop something bad and replacing it with something good. I’ve done that with two disorders but my bipolar has only been kept in check by one medication after trying for nearly 10 years to find something that worked.

      37 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden Read my book about some of the things I did while manic.

      36 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume yes i have nina, i attend psych grand rounds, i go to science museums when they talk about htis stuff, i question the doctors who speak, etc. i am not a fulltime scientist in this dept but i know that there continues to be NO PROOF and learned people with MD on their names AGREE, that’s all!

      35 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden No, we won’t argue because you are going on emotions and I am going on science and a Master’s degree to back me up.

      35 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume you can dissect a dead body, you will see NO PROOF.

      Your mind is dynamic, and YOUR MIND CAN HEAL ITSELF, Your mind can heal your brain and body, your mind and your God are paramount! your body does not rule you!!!!

      34 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume there is NO difference.

      34 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden I don’t feel limited or I couldn’t have completed a book that took 5 1/2 years and over 75 rejections before it was published. Without the abilify, I never could have done that.

      34 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      that’s total bullshit nina, you are not goign on “science” science can prove NOTHING, only dissprove things, that is such a rude dismissal, I am going on emotion but you are goign on science and your masters degree, that is so fucking rude!…!!! ic an’t believe you would dismiss years and years and years of QUALITATIVE learning that i have done, both by attending science based lectures and the incredible amount of personal information i have learned from myself from others who have had similar and dissimilar experience, from studying therapies and seeing the miracles, this is NOT emotion… and it is very rude of you to believe bec you are taking the position of mainstream DRUG companies that YOU are scientific and I am not, in fact you are being the very LEAST scientific of all.

      i don’t appreciate it at all.

      You are wrong, i have suggested you talk to dan fisher or david oaks, both healed from major mental illness, like me, with severe experience, and GONE, totally gone. don’t believe me, but don’t close yoru mind, don’t go looking for support for your position and closing your mind to the realities of what i am saying too. or go ahead and do waht you are doing, but ther is no reason to reply and retort bec i am offering the ALTERNATIVE, bec it WORKS, and i am NOT selling Snake oil or being deceptive, many know, and you can learn from them directly if you think i am so poorly supporting myself. i know the truth, mental illness is not a necessary evil, it is propogated and maintained by the system, and whitaker’s book looks at all the available research and soundly and scientificaly proves that, that is sound, you are a fool if you are going to ignore the facts of it. you can do what you like, but be real about it, and honest, and realize what you are doing, the costs and sacrifice, that is all i am saying. we all have the right to make our own choice, i made mine, and it cost me, but obviously it was worth the price or i would not have gone this road, i got control of my mind, body and health….i would never go back and do it any other way, i think life would not be worthwhile at all. and myself and others are fully enttitled to make this choice, it doesn’t make us emotional, it makes us authentic and real with standards that go beyond yours for yourself right now. it happens all the time that people heal completely without drugs, if you will deny that then you are the one being unscientific nina, defensive and emotional. ask open minded psychiatrists and you can find support for everything i have said and more.See More

      25 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume nina you can follow your mania like a nantucket sleigh ride or you can approach it with professionals and friends and preparations, like an adult, and you can overcome.

      24 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden Renee, darling, a dead body has no neuron firing or activity or ability to show proof of anything except for brain shrinkage (alcoholism and aging) or a thickening or thinning of the connection X in the center of the brain (brain damage, epilepsy, stroke, or even one’s sexual preference) When a body is dissected it has been embalmed and thus there are no brain chemicals. But a PET scan can measure these on a living person. Take a look:

      18 minutes ago · ·
    • Nina Snowden Yup, those of us with a degree at that level can get pretty rude when dealing with someone who hasn’t a clue what I’m talking about.

      17 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      I am pretty sure you my dear darling are the one who is fucking wrong, within the last few years i was at a lecture regarding thi at the museum of science, it isns’t all that, there are many interpretations to any one thing and much still u…nknown, there are differences between a brain and a mind, and one can affect the other, if you wish to throw your hands up and claim no responsibility or power over yourself that is YOUR BUSINESS nina, but that is not what I am all about, i was labeled identically to you, and i had severe issue when it came upon me, but nothing would have been so badly as to spend the rest of my life dependent on those drug pushing assholes, so i set out and i studied MYSELF, and i got sick a good number of times and i solved the problme for myself, FOREVER, no drugs, i fyou want to dismiss that in favor of the emperors new clothes phenomena that is going on then that is YOUR BUSINESS< but please please please, don’t broadcast your one sided ignorance here, bec that is not what my communications on facebook are all about, join NAMI or something, they are big on telling people they have a life sentence and fucking them with drugs, go for that, you are wasting your time with me, i will NEVER agree with you, they HAVE dissected brains, and there is no way to tell that something was broken, that’s bec it is BULL. whatever they do find could be from the drugs or the way someone was treated, etc, there is still no proof, there was a video here on fb little while ago with psychiatrists at a conference admitting it, ti was awesome, so sorry your radar wasn’t picking THAT up…. you refuse to hear what i am sayign so i don’t want to discuss it with you. you have your opinions as always, and they are set, so it isn’t enjoyable to discuss with you…. i know my experience and you know yours, just have it then, you don’t need to try to bring me down, i know what is true… i lived it! and i would do nothing else, this is based on my values and we all have different values, our uniquenesses drive us to achieve the supposedly impossible, it happens over and over and over, you will only look at the toilet seat and nto the sky, that is your business, i don’t agree with you, i have looked at both and i knwo where lies the truth.See More
      6 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i doubt you have a degree in psychiatrry and if you fucking did you would have a deggree in total BULLSHIT!!! i could have 8 masters degrees if i was studying in a formal fashion, as it was i attended 3+ psych grand rounds per week at one …point, that is more than anyone is required to do for continuing ed, i heard from all the best shrinks across the world, that is part of HOW i foudn my healing nina your a being a total ^&^%% to fucking have the nerve to dismiss my knowledge, both experiential and qualitative as well as exposure to sound science info and quantitative…. you are full of shit a lot, from insisting on eating animals and using them to now trying to lie and act like there is no way to heal from mental illness without drugs when people do and have, there IS a cure, but you ahve to be willing to FIGHT for it and take the long road, if you don’t want to that is YOUR problem, don’t make it mine, PLEASE!!!See More
      3 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume dead bodies show all kinds of disease mental illness is not a biological disease it is a complex psycho social problem, and CAN be resolved, with LOVE and a lot of work.

      2 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume if you dont’ know that you can change brain biology thorugh actions of the MIND than you are the ignorant unscientific JERK! you don’t find mentally fucking ill monks!!!!!

      about a minute ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume people do heal, to argue for the reverse is the epitome of ignorance.

      a few seconds ago · ·
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some ideas from Steven Kelly Sillick

Steven Kelly Sillick

5 hours ago · · · Share · See Wall-to-Wall

Steven Kelly Sillick

Steven Kelly Sillick why do people say ‘you are’ and not ‘you is’?? ‘Are’ is a verb which indicates a plural, and I am usually only speaking to one ‘you’. I want to say ‘you is’ and not feel a subconscious grammatical reproach!

8 hours ago · · · See Wall-to-Wall

    • the reason people say you are and not you is is because you is the word we use for both singular and plural reference, so we default to the plural verb which will cover both, i you (singular), he she one, us, them, and you plural, in englis…h we don’t use the singular and plural forms of you, but just one you, it is either Us, ourselves, or you,, other them, we don’t distinct between one other and many many others, maybe that says something about our culture, very individualistic, if it is not ourselves, it is just the impersonal them, You, you one or you everyone, not me, that is the difference, so you all get the plural verb, because you are not me, that may also be a reflection of some insecurity too, perhaps bec america is such a mish mash of things, people feel insecure about other people and so whether it is one or many it is still a threat or entity which overwhelms among many other entities which equally challenge and overwhelm…. do you kind of see what i am saying, it is early and i haven’t quite woken up fully yet….See More
      a few seconds ago · ·
Renee Marie LaPlume

Renee Marie LaPlume reposted thought of
Steven Kelly Sillick: the fastest human reaction time, with respect and accounting of the human’s nerves, is 1/25th of a second. The only way to reduce this factor is not ‘nerve training’ but to stop reacting.

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    You like this.
and then:
Steven Kelly Sillick

Steven Kelly Sillick the fastest human reaction time, with respect and accounting of the human’s nerves, is 1/25th of a second. The only way to reduce this factor is not ‘nerve training’ but to stop reacting.

14 hours ago · ·


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    • John Garner dude, bruce lee stopped reacting a long time ago. you are right. 🙂

      11 hours ago ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume what is that a bruce lee quote or something? i dont’ get it. i mean i don’t get your comment john.

      10 hours ago · ·  1 personLoading… ·
    • John Garner

      Sorry Renee, i am usually just being silly. Bruce Lee was supposed to have the fastest response time ever. and in line with Stevens very accurate (IMO) statement, I tried to make the joke that since bruce lee is now gone, he is only gettin…g faster. Since he stopped reacting.

      Yeah, 🙂 i am probably only one that got it cause it isn’t funny. 🙂See More

      10 hours ago ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick Be water, Renee.

      8 hours ago ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick You see, Renee, Masters of the Fighting Arts such as Bruce Lee succeed when they become the enemy. When you are 1 with the enemy, you no longer react to attacks (that WOULD created the 1/25th second delay), but you can JOIN with the blows, and maintain a state of harmony with yourself & the enemy. When you are in this state of being, Renee, you observe your body moving with unseen currents, joined to Will which is vocalised by your Teacher.

      8 hours ago ·
    • John Garner steven just lets me hang around cause he knows i am dumb. 🙂 and feels for me.

      7 hours ago ·
    • Sylvia May Forrest Me neither – ?

      6 hours ago ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume ‎: )

      you speak nicely Steven and are all very cute and funny….

      2 seconds ago · ·
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annoying fb girl

Renee Marie LaPlume

Renee Marie LaPlume just having flashbacks, or, is it flashbacks or just memories, when the thoughts come in your head about things that you have lived, somehow, somehow lived through, that no one should ever have to live through, but somehow at least in the concious part of your brain, most times, its as if you never did, but then it all… piles up so much and threatens to destroy your life and your health anyway, yah,

See More

14 hours ago Custom: loading… · · ·

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    • Renee Marie LaPlume one of those kind of nights…..

      14 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Denise Marie Aleman Try relaxing, praying , meditating. Remind yourself that event is long gone and you are now safe. God bless.

      14 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume it really isn’t though denise, these things just are, it is like saying a volcano has no lava, or there is no foundation under a house, it is, it just is, thanks for trying to help, but i am relaxed enough, i just wish those things did not occur, i wish i were more whole. i wish i could live THAT life. maybe one day, in my dreams, or with God’s help….

      14 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume they say if you can survive it you are a more compassionate person, i think that’s all i got…. i think also though sometimes people really need that, and so they feel it, and i think they probably appreciate that i am here, still, i wish that i wasn’t treated in ways i was, it hurt, it still hurts, it sucks, it seems to diminish a life, the freedoms… i don’t know how long if ever, i can fully reclaim myself, and get myself back again… it hurts a lot. Lost time. Lost selves, stolen….

      13 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Gary Reid Grace be with you now….Ho’oponopono

      13 hours ago · ·
    • Denise Berkowitz You will be fine just think about happier times & how beautiful you are !

      13 hours ago · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      my own government took my newborns successively at birth because they weren’t perfectly pleased with the effects of what other scumbags had done to me in my life, rapists and the like…. yet i was already 1 million times the person any of… them were.

      How the hell do you get over something like that?

      if at least what was done to me could have been transformed within me, which it had been or has been being, into love, endless love, compassion and understanding for my children, yet instead they are raised by strangers, strangers who just want “babies” strangers frankly with no fucking clue! it is shameful and horrifying, and my memories are just like echoes in empty hallways, echoes from hell…. a human not God created hell.See More

      7 hours ago · ·
    • Gary Reid D. U.

      5 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume what does that mean Gary, sorry i don’t know.

      5 hours ago · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear You need help

      4 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume oh gee lillian, areyou my doctor, i don’t think that is helpful, i think its fucking rude, if you dont’ mind, no one needs someon to act like that, seriously…. are you kidding me? what should i do? electric shock??? how about a bunch of chemicals to shut me up so you don’t have to be bothered by my sharings??? maybe YOU need help, to be more kind and compassionate and accepting towards people who share!!! seriuosly, who r u to tell me I need hlp, maybe seriously You need help. how rude!

      4 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i don’t even know you by the way so you have no idea therefore What i need (or don’t need), i can’t stand people who act like you just did, i am sure i have a better sense of what i need and don’t need then you do, so please, Please spare m…e this kind of bullshit.

      what i don’t need is some fool to write some stupid comment back to me when i share my heart out here, i don’t appreciate that much at all.See More

      4 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume no, it is not good or helpful to respond to someone’s open heart shared with you, with cold judgment, opinion or efforts to direct or to control. no no no it is not helpful, welcome or kind at all…


      4 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume if i need help i will get it, am getting it, but that does not nullify or remove my point or need of posting, i don’t need no rude /judgmental comments, thank you.

      4 hours ago · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear A bit defensive aren’t we?

      25 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume Lillian, you seem incredibly immature, i looked at your profile and all it has is crap and games or soemthing on it, what are you offering? anything? no, nothing, it is not defense it is observation, you have nothing to offer but attack, you dont’ write what you wrote unless you are full of judgment, know noting and have nothing to give or say. I would be fine if you just block me bec you clearly aren’t a friend and i haven’t time for people like you ok?

      23 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume the world is full of people like you, who sit on their armcharis and judge others and if anything just offer offense, if it wasn’t for people like that i would have nothing to bemoan, so what am i wasting my time listening to you for??? what are you giving? – 0.

      21 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i am not interested in people who put nothing on the line, because among other things… “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the one…s who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”
      Hendler Jack Kerouac quotes (American Poet and Novelist. Leader and spokesman of the Beat movement. 1922-1969)

      so please don’t waste my time
      if you have no insight, then watch and learn, but commonplace statements which reveal nothing just piss me off, alright?
      See More

      19 minutes ago · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear WOW

      14 minutes ago · ·
    • Lillian Rosalee Spear If it aids you to take your angst out on me then I have served a purpose.

      12 minutes ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      lillian, i hve never ever ever unfriended someone before, ever, but i am feeling like you might be the first, because so far, you have offered nothing, i think it is YOU who came here to take your shit out on me, bec what are you here for??…? nothing, literally. so why don’t you just leave, i know your type, i am not interested.. Wow, nothing, i am a good writer and i dont’ need to waste my time with swine. you are doing nothing here, so please leave, or i’ll get rid of you myself. all you are is judgment, no love, no wisdom, no insight.See More
      a few seconds ago · ·
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Francesca cute

Francesca Spiegel’s Photos – Why So Serious?

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biarritz april 2009

In this photo: Francesca Spiegel (photos)
Added June 22, 2009 · ·


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    • Jim Terr Happy girl!

      Yesterday at 9:33am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume he’s cute. : )

      23 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume where is that?

      23 hours ago · ·
    • Francesca Spiegel biarritz in the french basque country. that’s the boy i was with for 8 years

      22 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume wow,that’s a long time, you should give lessons!

      22 hours ago · ·
    • Ted Chabasinski Really nice picture.

      8 hours ago · ·
    • Francesca Spiegel to all who have commented here, none of whom i’ve ever met : please, sorry, this is private and wasn’t actually meant for you ;o)

      7 hours ago · ·
    • Ted Chabasinski Francesca, when you post something on Facebook, it can be seen by literally five hundred million people, not exactly private. I thought what you said was a bit strange and kind of rude.

      6 hours ago · ·
    • Francesca Spiegel

      errrr…want to theorize about facebook? with pleasure. first off, i understand that i over-reacted and apologize about that. i guess it’s just like life itself, not everything that you see in your life you are going to comment about, right… — or if you do, sometimes you’ll have to take a response, which you may or may not like. plus, your idea or rudeness/appropriateness may not be the same as that of someone way over the oceans.
      think there’s a fine line somewhere with facebook between being genuine without giving yourself away, and giving anyone a chance to put salt in your wounds — i did put two pix of me and this guy up here but now i see i’m not actually up for a chat about him and even well-meaning comments are too much for me, you must have noticed that i use facebook mainly to showcase posed and not very high quality photos, or write postings on specific topics according to experiences i have made, but don’t intend to describe my entire life in detail and exhaustively; i am quite happy with this and not sure what the picture above really is doing in here, so sorry if i spoke out of tone up there, guess that is 100% outside of the photos that i am ready to take comments on……hmmm….this nice and lengthy…acceptable? See More
      3 hours ago · ·  2 people ·
    • Jeff Makana ‎:)

      3 hours ago · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume I am sorry Fransesca, i was being a smart alec, my real comment was actually about myself, i can’t seem to make a relationship work for month, not to mention 8 years, i just wish i could find a good person and then aslo figure that out… i am always impressed with some of the things that other people are able to do. it is a sweet picture, that’s all….

      2 hours ago · ·  1 personLoading… ·
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drugs in our water, in our bodies, all over our natural world….

Renee Marie LaPlume

Renee Marie LaPlume can someone please explain this news story, i don’t quite understand it everytime i hear it, they say when people put medications down the drain it ends up in our water supply. I live in Boston, our used water goes out 3 miles into the harbor, after being processed, it goes out into the ocean, how the hell could That …ever come back and end up into our water supply, we don’t do tertiary treatment here….

See More

July 21 at 11:04pm Custom: loading… · · ·

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    • Renee Marie LaPlume we can’t reuse any of the water after it has been processed, we put it in the ocean, not back in the ground and not back into the water tables, so can anyone please explain this? how could medications that people dump down their toilets come back out a faucet then???

      July 21 at 11:07pm · ·
    • Kaniappan Padmanaban Your question is good, but even with all these processing we still found medicines in small concentrations in our ground water and thus in our drinking water. This is a fact now. Reverse osmosis or distilling only removes this trace amounts and all the available other water purifiers won’t help here…

      July 21 at 11:17pm · ·
    • Geoff Sherrill not everyone lives on a harbor, so a lot of inland water is treated and introduced back into the water supply. that said, it’s probably not a good idea to put water soluble chemicals into any water source, including the ocean.

      July 21 at 11:18pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i was told that tetiary treatment can create sparkling drinking water out of the waste water as well as pure pellets for fertilizers, and not pollute the ocean one iota, but instead since no one would like to pay for that we paid less for t…he glorious orchestration of merely taking the same waste and just building a longer tunnel system to pour it out deeper into the bay, you know the tides just move it back in anyway eventually, it is just slightly more diffuse (poor ocean creatures), waste of money if you asked me and gives the false appearance that the problem has been taken care of (when its really just been kicked further down the road for our kids to have to deal with – we could be keeping and using the resources instead of using and destroying it).

      they just said that the mass water resource authority in boston has not been showing these trace chemicals, but the water on the cape has… makes me sick, bec today most bury their dead through a sick process which stabs their organs allowing the liquids from them to be flushed into the water system, then filling them with formaldyhyde, gross, gross, gross, there is no respect for anything, not even in death. this also means that all the meds the elderly have been juiced up on they are entering the system too, i think it may be the highest most significant source of what they are finding out there. personally, i believe this… it isn’t just flushing meds, but what about peeing them into the system!!! meds are a mess, better to find health with foods and thoughts and behaviors/activities, any day.

      they said it enters ground water and can be pulled back up in wells, if i get my water from a natural aquifer does that mean i am drinking other peoples meds???See More

      July 21 at 11:31pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume what do you think of kangen water? i think that’s how it is spelt….

      July 21 at 11:33pm · ·
    • Sean Donahue

      Boston’s water supply comes from the Quabbin, and there is certainly plenty of potential for leaching fields from septic tanks to effect the groundwater feeding the lake. But I also think that the majority of the pharmaceuticals in our dr…inking water come not from people pouring pharmaceuticals directly down the drain but from the pharmaceuticals excreted in our urine and feces — our bodies can process only the tiniest percentage of the synthetic chemicals we put in them. Stephen Buhner talks about this in depth in The Lost Language of Plants . . . and the pharmaceuticals in the sewage pumped out to see are having demonstrable negative effects on sea life.See More
      July 22 at 1:11am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      wow that superbly sucks Sean, i learned about tertiary treatment years ago, and it really pleased me, because i am pretty much ocd about putting everything back where it belongs, in the best possible place, and this seemed to be able to do …it, take responsibility, it is like seperating trash, you put everyting in its place where it goes…. shit back to the earth, back to the farms where the food was grown, to replenish the land, water back to the cities that use it, poisons, i don’t know what to do with them, we should stop using them would love it if we could all pay for what we do and what we take, instead of living off of borrowed time from future generations who may resultantly Never get the chance to live….

      medications are a plague. “Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates

      i was just thinkiing about a birth experience i had with my twins, they said they had billurubin and had to go under those bright lights, and i was skeptical, in fact their numbers were on the borderliine and maybe they really didn’t, but they were looking for any excuse to keep them while dss schemed to figure out how to keep them (they were born a few weeks early) they said this stuff had to come out of them, i think it was green or something, i heard prune juice makes things pass through your digestive systems faster and they served it at the hospital and i was breastfeeding so i asked if it would help if i drank it if that would help them get through this quicker (because who knows what those bright lights do, for instance to my daughters birth cells as an example), do you know these jerks, who gave my children morphine, antibiotics, and a whole list of other things they Did Not Need, without my permission, and in the process ruining the otherwise hearty flora of their digestive systems and giving my son a yeast infection he didn’t need and maybe setting them both up for possible drug addictions later on, i mean if you are terrified and traumatized and rather than being handed to your mom to recieve love you are just doped up and shut up on drugs how do you think that will effect them later on, for instance as a teen???, so when i questioned them about the prune juice (as the lightest least dangerous intervention that could be imagined by me!) they actually looked at me and told me they were “concerned that I was thinking of “medicating” my children through what i eat”. they’ve lost their minds in hospitals and modern medicine today, absolutely gone and lost them, they complicate births, they…. ah, never mind, it feels so hopeless sometimes… they have all the power, they took my children, i feel like a character in that tom cruise movie where they think they know crimes people will commit before they commit them…. or maybe someone in Brazil, or Kafka’s The Trial, that is what they did to me, and they were suspicious because i am brilliant and i am different… they stole my children, and put them right back into the idiocies of this world… What a fucking Waste….. i feel bad for them and for this world and for me…. See More

      July 22 at 1:44am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      please check this carefully:

      Bulletin from the cause: PsychRights
      Go to Cause
      Posted By: Jim Gottstein
      …To: Members in PsychRights
      Government Officials Cause Robert Whitaker to Be Banned From Keynoting @ Alternatives

      MindFreedom International News – 21 July 2010 Voice For Choice in Mental Health Care – please forward [to get off this public news list see bottom]


      USA Mental Health Agency May Cancel Journalist Robert B. Whitaker as Keynoter of “Alternatives 2010”

      Bob Whitaker’s Book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” Criticizes Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Claims

      A major annual conference funded by the US government since 1985 advertises itself as “organized by and for mental health consumers and survivors.” The goal of this popular “Alternatives Conference” is to support empowerment, self-determination and choice by mental health clients.

      But MindFreedom International News discovered that after Alternatives 2010 organizers confirmed their choice of keynote speaker as journalist Robert B. Whitaker, author of a new book with a scathing critique of psychiatric pharmaceutical claims, upper-level federal officials objected.

      *BELOW* is an exclusive MindFreedom interview with Whitaker about his possible cancellation, plus how you can take action to inform President Obama, and join an online conversation on the controversy.

      BACKGROUND: Anatomy of Psychiatric Censorship?

      Since 1985, the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] has provided a grant to fund the Alternatives Conference, bringing together several hundred mental health consumers and psychiatric survivor from throughout the USA, many of whom lead innovative mental health peer support programs.

      The Alternatives Conference is organized each year by one of the handful of federally-funded “Technical Assistance” or TA Centers, which are staffed and advised by mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors.

      Alternatives 2010 is slated to begin 29 September in Anaheim, California with the provocative theme, “Promoting Wellness Through Social Justice.” Conference organizers confirmed an invitation with Robert Whitaker to keynote.

      Whitaker’s book is getting a lot of attention. Time Magazine’s review said, “Despite much vaunted claims to the contrary, writes Whitaker, a medical journalist, ‘there was never any evidence’ in the scientific literature showing that certain mental illnesses result from faulty brain chemistry… Psychiatric drugs have changed the lives of millions, but this book explores how they would have fared without them. It’s an alternative worth imagining.”

      On 15 July, Alternatives organizers told Whitaker his “confirmation”
      was retracted, saying they had received objections from US government higher-ups that he was a high-profile critic of federal agencies.
      However, many past Alternatives keynoters — including the heads of federal agencies and MindFreedom director David Oaks — have also criticized federal agencies.

      And Whitaker is no radical, he’s a medical journalist. He emphasizes that he sees value in the use of psychiatric drugs. His book is also pro-active, describing his recent visit to Finland’s vaunted “Open Dialogue” approach that is helping young people diagnosed with schizophrenia while minimizing psychiatric drug prescriptions.

      By coincidence, the day before Whitaker’s un-confirmation, on 14 July, a number of national mental health consumer/psychiatric survivor leaders issued a statement of “alarm” about “the conflict of interest in the current relationship between the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry.”

      So if the Alternatives conference is about alternatives… then what about the alternatives Bob talks about?

      What about Bob?

      BELOW is the MindFreedom International interview with Robert B.
      Whitaker. BELOW that is how to speak out to President Obama, and find out more info.



      MINDFREEDOM INTERNATIONAL [MFI] QUESTION: Why do you think you have been disinvited from the Alternatives conference? What do you make of this?

      ROBERT B. WHITAKER ANSWER: I think the reason is obvious — I was going to tell a well-documented story of science about psychiatric medications that some at SAMSH find threatening, a story that they don’t want users of the drugs to hear. But you should ask those who nixed the invitation. I would be curious to hear their answer.

      MFI: What is it that you write about in Anatomy of an Epidemic that is so threatening?

      WHITAKER: The story told to the public by the NIMH and by academic psychiatry is that psychiatric medications have greatly improved the lives of those diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses. Yet, even as our society has embraced the use of psychiatric medications during the past two decades, the number of people receiving government disability due to mental illness has more than tripled, from 1.25 million people to more than 4 million people.

      So you can see, in that data, that something may be wrong with that story of progress. And then, if you look at how psychiatric medications affect the long-term course of psychiatric disorders, you find — in the scientific literature — consistent evidence that they increase the likelihood that a person will become chronically ill. I know this is startling, particularly since we do know that some people do well on the medications long term, but that evidence, in terms of how the medications affect long-term outcomes in the aggregate, shows up time and again in the scientific literature.

      MFI: Can you give an example?

      WHITAKER: Sure. I’ll give two quick examples.

      First, outcomes for bipolar disorder today are much worse than they were 40 years ago. Today, people so diagnosed are much more constantly symptomatic than they used to be; their employment rates have declined from around 85% to around 33%; many struggle with drug-related physical problems, such as obesity; and today they show signs of long- term cognitive decline, whereas that didn’t used to be the case.
      Leading bipolar experts have written about this deterioration in modern outcomes, and they point to the prescribing of antidepressants and antipsychotics to this patient group as a likely reason for the decline.

      Second, our society of believes that all people diagnosed with schizophrenia need to be on medication all their lives. Yet, the NIMH has funded a long-term study of schizophrenia outcomes by a researcher named Martin Harrow, and in 2007 he reported that at the end of 15 years, the recovery rate for those off medication was 40%, versus 5% for those on medication. At the very least, Harrow’s study shows that some people diagnosed with schizophrenia do better long-term off medication, but that is the type of information that is never conveyed to the public. The NIMH didn’t publicize the results of Harrow’s study, and certainly it hasn’t publicized the astonishing deterioration in modern bipolar outcomes, even though it is recognized by experts in the field.

      MFI: Why is this information so important? What is at stake here?

      WHITAKER: I think we can all agree that the honest communication of scientific results is essential to good medicine, and essential to helping people make informed choices about what is best for them. And if our society is going to stem this epidemic of disabling mental illness has erupted in our society, then it needs to know this information and think about alternative programs of mental health care that might be funded. Mindfreedom held a hunger strike in 2003 to push for this very thing–honesty in what psychiatry and the powers that be tell about psychiatric disorders and psychiatric medications.



      Please keep all communication civil and strong:

      (1) See More

      July 22 at 2:06am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume



      …Please keep all communication civil and strong:


      Please use the White House web site to encourage President Barack Obama to ask SAMHSA to encourage empowered community organizing and choice by and for mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors,

      Sample message — your own words are best:

      “Dear President Obama: You are a community organizer. Did you know that mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors have also done community organizing for decades? Please ask your agency SAMHSA to support their choice of journalist Robert Whitaker to be keynote speaker at the annual Alternatives 2010 conference. The Alternatives conference is about alternatives, so… WHAT ABOUT BOB? Bob’s book Anatomy of an Epidemic is an important warning about problems with the psychiatric pharmaceutical industry.”

      If possible, please copy your message by e-mail to SAMHSA director Pam Hyde at, and to MFI for public use at

      (2) TALK ABOUT IT!

      You can use the MindFreedom Facebook page to speak out about your opinion. Should Bob be allowed to speak? What do we do if he’s censored?

      Go to MindFreedom’s Facebook page here:
      or click here:


      Please *forward* this alert with a few words of your support to all interested people on and off Internet.

      Forward MindFreedom’s Twitter feed and add your own.

      Use your “creative maladjustment” and get out the word!



      ** TIME Magazine’s review of “Anatomy of an Epidemic”:,9171,1983897,00.html

      ** Read OTHER reviews of “Anatomy of an Epidemic”:

      ** ORDER Whitaker’s book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” at discount from MindFreedom’s MAD MARKET, and benefit MFI’s human rights work:

      ** HEAR a MindFreedom Radio interview with Whitaker:

      ** MORE about Bob’s book at MFI web site:

      ** READ Rockville Bastille Day 2010 Statement about “Undue Influence of Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Industry”:

      ** INFO about Alternatives 2010:

      ** SAMHSA web site:



      MindFreedom International is one of the few totally independent groups in mental health advocacy.

      That means NO funding from mental health industry, drug companies, government and religions.

      That means MindFreedom International counts on YOUR donations.

      There are plenty of system-funded groups doing good work. But when it comes to speaking out about drug company abuse, you can see how important INDEPENDENCE can be.

      Please join or renew your MindFreedom International membership here with a tax-deductible gift of any size:

      Support an independent united voice by and for survivors of human rights violations in the mental health system!

      Everyone is welcome to join now and be part of MindFreedom’s 25th Silver Anniversary celebration next year:

      Join or renew your membership in MindFreedom International today, here:

      For a limited time, all donors of $50 or more can ask for a free “thank you gift” premium jewelry pin, including a pin of MFI’s logo.
      See the pins at:

      Specify type and color of your pin when you join or renew by e-mailing to

      Call to Action
      Support the cause. Be counted:
      I Read This
      See More

      July 22 at 2:07am · ·
    • Nina Snowden If that were true, we’d have no crazy people, people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc….the water would treat us. So, it is baloney!

      July 22 at 7:58am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      nina, You have now won the award for the #1 most stupid statement you have ever made on my fb wall!!! you get the boobey prize!!! i cannot believe you wrote this! please not get in a big long fight about it, please read up on the facts o…n this ok, it IS true, this IS in our water, and it has been effecting amphibians and birds and all kinds of things….

      it isn’t going to heal humans of disease but rather it is going to destroy our health, when you go to your doctor would you EVER ask him for cocktail of every drug and medication that he has ever given to every patient he has ever seen for the last 20 years??? NO, but this is what you get in the water now, a diluted mix of all the remnants of al the meds that have ever been taken, no one can predict the interactions, certianly no one could use such water for health!!! that is INSANE!!!See More

      July 22 at 12:22pm · ·
    • Andrew Newby That’s ridiculous lol!!

      July 22 at 2:00pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden Get a water filter.

      July 22 at 4:54pm · ·
    • Nina Snowden It’s too diluted to affect us…but if you’re afraid that it will, get an under the sink good water filter. All water coming out of your sink facet would be filtered.

      July 22 at 4:55pm · ·
    • Dave Shaver

      Renee, not all municipal water waste goes out to sea. In some communities, was water is treated and returned to streams and the ground.

      Nina, be careful with filters because many forget to change the filter as recommended by manufacture. An… unchanged filter can breed bacteria. See More

      July 22 at 8:22pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      Nina, it isn’t. I have been reading science about it for years, it has already hugely effected amphibians and fish, and other creatures, so much that their sexes are getting fucked up, their cycles are changing, ie, the birds are hatching …and their source of food has already metaphorphesed and flown away and so they starve, I posted this because it was on the local news and I have never understood how it could get in our water because we do put all our water (to my chagrin) back into the ocean…. there should be tertiary treatment everywhere, this is the only responsible way to go. and i think there should be a big change and lessened use of medications overall, yes nina i won’t get enough of your meds to get the same results that you do, but i would get enough of everyone’s meds to not be good… it certainly would not be health giving as i’ve already said, and if it is effecting the smaller creatures believe me that it will eventually be affecting me and you… it is superbly gross, and i heard that organic farms can take the waste water and put it right on their crops, so wouldn’t you like that on and in your organic tomato?… Gross!!!!….See More
      July 22 at 9:51pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i mean i was told that they can use the waste water once minimally treated. this is a real problem i think for people living inland. no wonder why i am insistent to live close enough to the coast!

      July 22 at 9:52pm · ·
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Oh Mel, why????????

Renee Marie LaPlume

Renee Marie LaPlume just because Mel’s baby has a pimple does not mean that there is an “abrasion” or that he hit the child!!!!! and maybe if the mother was so caring she could have moved away from an argument instead of standing their antagonizing a guy with her baby in her arms just so she could accuse him of doing something wrong whil…e she was holding it, probably standing in his face and being a B**&(%*…..

See More

July 21 at 8:00pm Custom: loading… · ·

    • Renee Marie LaPlume I don’t like her, she seems like a crook, and vapid at that….

      July 21 at 8:02pm · ·

      July 21 at 8:19pm · ·
    • April Hoy

      I listened to the tapes, and I gotta say that Mel is totally insane. He should never be allowed around children again. He is a murderer waiting to happen. He needs psychiatric help…and I don’t usually advocate for that. Scroll to the b…ottom of the page for the links to all the tapes… More
      July 21 at 8:20pm · ·

      July 21 at 8:20pm · ·

      July 21 at 8:23pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      and he is right actually what he said, about everythign being fake and all, she bought her body and her face instead of being proud and happy about what the God gave her, which would have made her more beautiful in a more lasting and worthw…hile way, at least from my view anyway….

      she wants what the world gives, and sadly that may be all she ends up with too…. that is the greatest tragedy of all, to miss out on the limitless gifts of God… the gifts that are given and recieved far beyond the boundaries of the visceral and quantifiable world…. it is pretty sad. maybe what she really needed was a richer mate, this way when the divorce came she could get what she wanted without a fight, but i guess this was the best she could get….. he has theoretical worth, future worth, but sounds like she is essentially shaking the wrong tree!!! makes me sick, i mean do we really need to hear this crap?? is there nothing more important or valuable for newsman to inform about today and for the last few weeks or days???

      what also makes me sick is to see all the people in the world permitted to have their children, unmolested, when my govt, my state molested and raped and robbed me of mine, innocent i am, and with nothing but wondrous gifts of love and joy to give, but yet my children are being grown without ever knowing me as they grow, it is a robbery, a tragedy, a state supported kidnapping, and one which no media man has the balls to shine a light on and get to the bottom of, no way, they bother with these games of money and jealousy instead…. power and money, ignoring truth and justice no matter how striking the crime committed, if it is a peon to a big guy they will cover it, but a big guy to a peon no way. not unless they already see the tables shifting, they rarely have the courage to just go after someone whose nose so far is looking clean, or whose power and prestige far exceeds their victims.See More

      July 21 at 8:29pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i know my story will be told and well known one day, i just hope its before i’m dead, i hope my children are able to learn the truth one day, and actually even be compensated for what was taken from them, their mother, their home, the family where they were meant to be bred and raised.

      July 21 at 8:30pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume drinking sucks and people who do it do hurt people, but they have problems and need help, not bitches that use them… pretending to be angels, she seems like a nightmare!!! at least he is honest and REAL! and we don’t know he hit her, we only know she says so.

      July 21 at 8:37pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      once i touched a social workers cheek gently stating with emphasis and total control , slowly and with strenousness, containing the full depth of all my emotions for everyone and everything “THIS – IS – MY – CHILD”, thought i was “touching”… her and not “hitting” her, she threatened then, WHILE THEN picking up my child from my hands in her carrier “OH You shouldn’t do that to me or I will do it back”, or “hit” you back, can’t remember what she said now precisely, but clearly was a person looking for a fight, but that was not my point at all… then she claims I slapped her and tried to press charges for months, i didn’t see my daughter agian because of her manipulations for two months…. but don’t cry for me, i only lost 8 hours, for that was all that they were giving me since they took my child at birth 2 months before that… and for this and distortions like it, they simply never returned my first born child to me, stolen at my bedside of her birth….(this is in Massachusetts, a founding state, in 2003) i don’t like people that manipulate realities to suit themselves and their agendas!!!!!!!!! i prefer a drunk (who can’t control himself) to this@!!@!! (the deliberate harm of an entire and powerful government hell bent on simply meeting their own wants and needs, satisfying their own egos, without a thought at all for the subject of their action, My Children and Their Best Interest, they are Liars and scroundrels all , and they do this to many people, people without power or a voice, people misunderstood, discarded by society…) they also, running on their own steam took my next pregnancy, two babies, twins, right at birth, AGAIN, just attached them to the same court action against me, most women have a child and think of diapers and milk, me, i was with my breast pump, court papers and lawyers, and crying, crying daily, crying for years…… See More
      July 21 at 8:47pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      I don’t trust those tape April, I am very acutely attuned on an auditory level, and i can’t believe that any expert would even consider these authentic, i think they sound RIDICULOUS, and i don’t blame people for expressing things, that is …mel, give it a break, why don’t we take madonna’s kids, she said fuck that time on letterman so many times, and spoke of peeing in the shower, people need to leave other people the fuck alone, i shouldn’t have to defend him, all i can say is this is bullshit, it isn’t my business, i just don’t like that woman and i think he probably hit the nail right on the head, Gold Digger, and i am usually not sympathetic to such claims of women, but she is so transparent, so fucking unBelievably UGLY. for her to have taken those tapes and put them all over the media like this, what a cheap WHORE it is just like he said, why the hell didn’t she just deal with this discreetly???/ she is a horrible person, far worse than a man who’ll play his cards, he is obviously very hurt to realize she doesn’t even give a fuck about him!!!! his expression is all a covery for his broken heartedness….. i think beneath it all he is obviously a very “passionate” and sensitive person, she is just out to screw him and he is calling a kettle to be ass black and ugly as it is. you notice he hasn’t sunk to her level with a response, good for him, ultimately he is so much better than ALL of this! I am able to forgive him but this is none of my business, i am just telling you what i think and what i see and what i feel…. based on my OWN witness and experience.See More
      July 21 at 8:53pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      also she IS being investigated for EXTORTION, she leaked the tapes because she didn’t get her way, it is perhaps SHE who is IMPULSIVE and too much of a user to trust with her own children, which it seems she may only have created to USE as …tools for gold digging. she sickens me, a man expressing agony and pain does not sicken me, he is responding in emotion, yet she behaves this way, antagonizing and smiting him, with INTENTION, DELIBERATION, see, THAT is sick, that someone can be so malicious and manipulative…. she has nothing in her, she is like a ghost walking around beneath her piles and piles of surgery… who the hell is she?!!!See More
      July 21 at 8:58pm · ·

      July 21 at 9:02pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      mel gibson isn’t a murderer, he blows off all his steam in words, he is a harmless bunny… lol, ha ha, the idea is ludicrous!!! didn’t anyone ever get in a fight with someone before and get angry? did you ever expect for your words to be… put on the television??? wow! i mean talk about a shitty thing to do, talk about a lack of caring, her exhibition is far worse than his, no matter how angry his words appear to be (he doesn’t even mean half of them, Surely!)… jsut look please LOOK at what she is doing!!!!…. does it serve any purpose for her to have PUBLICLY humiliated him and disclosed his privacy???? she did it because she was losing, and she didn’t want to accept her reality…. she is a poor immigrant from Russia with ancillary talent, beauty and intelligence.See More
      July 21 at 9:02pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume she makes me angry.

      July 21 at 9:02pm · ·

      July 21 at 9:05pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      why can’t people love their own countries, why do they lust for hollywood and “America”? what happens to countries in which all the people who live there just pick up and leave? what and who is a person who does not identify with where th…ey were placed in life, with their own people, their own country? what the hell do we have she that she wanted so badly, to have her body and face rearranged by a surgeon, and to hang out in hollywood looking for a rich man to have a child with and become famous by making tapes of him which serve nothing but to humiliate and disgrace him, herself and her poor child??? trying to extort money instead of being sincere about her sexuality and her effort to make a family, do you think that woman is capable of love??? i think not. looks like she is only good at using. i think it is ridiculous, the whole thing, the child gets a pimple and now they are like, look see he hit the kid, please, will someone please Give me a Break!See More
      July 21 at 9:07pm · ·
    • Lynn Cullin RENEE WHERE ARE YOU FROM ?

      July 21 at 9:08pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Lynn Cullin RENEE WHERE ARE YOU FROM ?

      July 21 at 9:10pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:10pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      i’ve been hit too, but not like me just standing there innocent either…. i just think that relationships are complicated, words are complicated, physicality is complicated, things get more complicated and confusing when emotions are in i…t… worse than being “hit” as you say, i think, is when a man takes you and recieves all you have to give, then puts it on a shelf somewhere and goes out and takes another woman, then comes back to you and lies, I think it is more criminal than Anything.. yet it is completley fine, according to the law, i think it just shows how fucked up things are, you could go to jail for stealing a coke, but nothing if you do this!!! now isn’t that sick and crazy?!!! our worlds are just about Business, nothing else it seems… Business, Money….

      i don’t think we can do anything about it, just get mad and speak up and blow off steam, actually not so different then what Mel does, really…. i just don’t have much problem with words, people can say nearly anything, there is a lot you can learn in words, peel away the layers and see what is really being said….See More

      July 21 at 9:13pm · ·

      July 21 at 9:17pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:18pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:25pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:35pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:36pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:36pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:38pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:55pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 21 at 9:56pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i am in mass, why do you write in caps and repeat posts multiple times???

      July 21 at 10:59pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i am no longer interested in adating unless i was with amn willing to love God, love something bigger than himself and much bigger than me, love right… i don’t see the point, to have to wonder if someone is cheating is like giving up your life for Nothing…. no more of that for me, no way!

      July 21 at 11:00pm · ·
    • Roy Rudder

      Hiya Renee, we go back a loooong way, but there are times where we will seem to disagree. Liking her or not does NOT excuse Mels behavior. He made a choice to respond like a pig. Even if she were so wrong, that does not give him the right t…o be also (two wrongs don’t make a right). He chose his words & our words reflect our thoughts, our thoughts reveal who we really are… With so many people striving to be the best they can be, to be kind & respectful of everyone, including people of different races & finally to overcome our inner demons, it just seems Mel embraces his, & thus gets judged for it accordingly. I dunno if I misunderstood you, but I think the focal point is in the right place, on Mel.See More
      July 22 at 12:10am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      no we defly disagree Roy, for instnace, I have yelled at cops too, not recently of course because they have beat it into me that they don’t care about the law, just so you kiss their ass, I have seen tough guys all straighten up and shut up… when they get pulled over, that kind of makes me sick, hypocrisy, i like mel, i like people who speak their minds, who are passionate, who fuck up now and then, mel is not a racist, he just says things to hurt people when he is drunk or stupid…. same with me…. no body is perfect all the time, but to tape the guy and leak it to the news, i have words for her but i won’t post them here…. i don’t like her, i don’t know how or why but i just had it with her Already, i have her number, her voice makes me so sick, she is not only seeking to explloit him but in my opinion she is trying to exploit this country and he called it like it was, she is a gold digger, even his exwife and others have come to his aid, he is not a jerk he is just a passionate fool sometimes, and so am i… i mean he is not my hero or something but i don’t think he hit anyone, i think that he was an idiot to ever get involved with her, i guess he likesd her “fake boobs”, and now hates himself and everyone for being such an idiot… i really don’t care what he said to her, it is just words of people in a fight, having stress and everything, but she is by no means right, she is a real jerk, it was deliberate, it wasn’t accident on her part, just deliberate malice, why didn’t she just get over it and get lost, either work it out or leave, we really don’t need to be hearing this and it is her fault that we are, she could have worked this out privately with the courts and the police, i don’t think she gives a fuck about anyone but herself, definately not her kid, who would do that to their kid???!!! a mother who loves their child would try to keep the peace, not try to destroy and humiliate their dad to spite him….

      crap, i have been through way worse than she has but i never did a devious thing like that. i don’t like her, he called it like it was, so what??? is there something wrong with telling the truth sometimes?… she totally does deserve those words, i am sure of it. i mean they are true, you are right he could have kept the words to himself, like he is now, but whatever, no one said he was a saint, he is just a human being. no one deserves to be taped and broadcast like that. some girl was swearing to me up and down that it was illegal to even tape people in massachusetts without signed consents or something, not to speak of selling it or using it… i completely disagree with her, if it is public you can do what you want, in a public place, if you can video then how could you not tape, but she was like No, i work for the police and i know… blah blah blah, i think if you want to make tapes you use them discreetly, you don’t do what she did, she could have shared it discreetly she didn’t have to pollute the airwaves with them, she helped spread this violence against herself because she wants to squeeze him out like a sponge and take everything he’s got, it is she who should be striving to be a better person, i think they said she has done this before as well…. i am not surprised.

      i know when she was accusing him he was trying to reply and you couldn’t hear him bec she kept talking over him so we don’t know what she is talking about, there are Two sides…. i know what it is like to be Villified for what is essentially Benign. i think i would be stressed out being in a mess with her as well!!!! and being challenged to lose everythign but my shirt to a vapid nobody who i learned had only used me for my wallet, that would make me pretty pissed off as well, it is too bad these guy can’t date people their own age and get over their lusts, that is My only complaint, bet he’s wishing it about himself about now too. maybe he can learn something from this when its all done…. that would be my advice, i don’t think he needs “medication” he needs LOVE like we all do, and she so obviously was not giving it! i also don’t think that he is “mentally ill”, i think she is a really annoying, homely (underneath the operations, veneers and cosmetics) B%$#**

      she really does look fake, it is hard for me to be mad at someone who speaks the truth, if it is the truth i excuse it…. Remember when Jesus went ballistic on the merchants in the temple?!!! Yah, i look to things like that, there are reasons to be mad sometimes, just look at what she did to herself surgically, to the body she was given designed by God, i personally think it is a Disgrace!!! that’s just me… we don’t have to agree here!!! See More

      July 22 at 1:28am · ·

      July 22 at 4:58am via Email Reply · ·

      July 22 at 4:59am via Email Reply · ·

      July 22 at 5:06am via Email Reply · ·

      July 22 at 5:10am via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume i won’t be with anyone interested in such things as cheating ever again!

      July 22 at 5:23am · ·

      July 22 at 7:42am via Email Reply · ·

      July 22 at 7:46am via Email Reply · ·
    • Roy Rudder

      Ohh yea Renee, we sure do defy disagree in this case. I know very well what anger is, have seen people get angry,& I have been in fist fights, so that makes it all ok because I was just angry & emotional? Unlike Mel I not only had the decen…cy to recognize I hurt others & feel bad & say sorry after, but I also learned from my mistakes, this seems to be a pattern with him now & then. Srsly? Not to mention that there is a difference between angry & out of control. Many of us yell, get angry, irrational, true: that’s why we call that UGLY behavior, we don’t try & justify it. We may say we got out of control, but we had a valid reason to be angry, but we still recognize our personal conduct… But the angry part is just a small reflection on him, it is his RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, pattern of control & entitlement that bothers me the most. As far as being racist, I am sorry but after experiencing racism & growing up with it. Being hated, isolated, restricted, insulted, associated with,& exposed to people that feel they come 1st simply because, I think I would know it when I see it. You know his words could have been anything, he chose words out of the deepest part of his subconscious not because he is against it, but because he identifies with it. He choose not only to use the “N” word knowing that gravity of that word, but he also clearly identifies black people with negative connotations, running in packs & raping people & never once said sorry now OR BACK THEN, so being insulted that I am once again associated with something negative as a blk guy, would I be justified to say Fuck Mel right now then? lol If I have any self respect why would I say “ohh Mel, that’s perfectly ok to insult all blk people, your awesome?” Why would that be ok? What if it was you he insulted by saying something deeply painful, stereotypical, & plain ole negative to say the least? Then his sexism is out of control, he doesn’t have to like her or want her, that’s fine, she may be a full on jerk, I am sure he is upset for some reason, but to always find himself in the habit of using “isms” to express himself rather than communicate effectively says volumes. Not to mention, he automatically feels entitled to order & tell her what to do as a male. I can’t justify that behavior, he must correct it! If everyone felt that was acceptable & behaved that way we would all be in trouble. Again, we go back, I have known you a long time, & this is your page to write what you wish, I am just posting in hopes that you take a second look, & not ever think it is ok to Justify racism with me (not that you have), I only mention this because I dun want you or anyone to feel they have a free pass to be this way around everyone, certainly not me; but in regard to this post, what I agree with is that we defy disagree as you state it. To me, anything anyone says in defense of his behavior is a mere justification out of either insecurity, a distortion of reality, or simply a problem with saying “hey I might be wrong”… This is your page I respect that, & I restated my point to try and clarify. I will leave it alone. As a friend, I still offer a hug and will be there for you, but imma leave this one alone. If it becomes important enough to go further then we can chat by phone or email. But I am all set on this issue in any case.See More
      July 22 at 9:39am · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      he is not a racist homophobe, etc, Roy, seriously, ask people who know him, he isn’t, when people are hurt or angry they try to hurt, that is all he did or does, he is just a hot head or whatever, there is a big difference between saying wo…rds and acting, i think her behavior is worse then his words, that is all i am saying, she is just a jerk, she didn’t have to broadcast their problems, if she had class she would have dealt with it discreetly, she could have told child services or something, but she is a fake after his money and he is pissed about it and so outwardly and honestly said so, this makes him bad, for saying the truth, i am sorry i will always side with truth tellers no matter what anyone says… he is the one who messed up his own self, he hurt his own self more than anyone else, he is a nice guy who is getting screwed and lashed out, it happens, some people are hot heads and some are fakes, she is a mean selfish greedy fake that is what i see/saw. i don’t like her. i really don’t. i wasn’t gungho about him either but still, compared to her, i think he is a saint, he is the idiot who wanted to be with her and her “fake boobs” in the first place, now he has to pay, she is making him pay. i bet he wishes she just stayed in the country of her birth and he never met her… that is what i would be wishing if it were me!

      truth tellers take a lot of shit, she is a manipulator, i don’t like her, she seems vapid and nasty.

      she is taking advantage of stereotypes more than he is, like the poor mother victim of domestic abuse, bull, i dont’ believe her…. she is just fanning the flames to try to end up on top, she sounds like she was a horrible girlfriend of mate. i don’t like her at all. i am sorry, she gives good honest sincere people like me who want to love – a bad name, she is a money grubber and a B&#@#

      he’s alright i will always forgive someone a stupid rant, who cares, geesh, you’d think he was testifying in front of the world, he thought he was talking to her alone and he was sharing how he felt, big deal, i’d rather someone tell me like it is then manipulate and decieve me any day!!! she acted like a bitch to use it in this way. she shouldn’t have been talking to him if she was up to no good, if she had no sincere wish to reconcile anything but only entrap him…. that is a total bitch. you aren’t factoring all that, there is more than just the surface that you hear that matters here. that is the thing the world and life is not as linear and flat as that pathetic tape she made, i don’t like her for what she did, my opinion or perception remains the same! mel is not that bad, regardless of how moronic or foolish he talks and acts sometimes….. he is no different from you or me!!! just a human person, warts and all…. no one is perfect and nor should we have to be…See More

      July 22 at 12:35pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      many people hate me or have rejected me for fucking YEARS because i say fuck, but you know, they didn’t go through what i have in life and sometimes that word is the only one that expresses what i have to say, that is me now today, the trut…h is that they don’t love me or want me, it has nothing to do with a fucking word i sometimes say… it is not about words, but they reject me and hide behidn that…. anyway, they get to blame me and come out looking like the perfect people, i think that is Bullshit!!!

      in regard to mel, obviously when he is mad he just plugs into the collective myths and lets it rip, that is NOT his sincere and personal beliefs about “black people”, it is just the emotion expression, like my use of the word Fuck, it goes to that place which he is trying to share, the way he feels, he is very very ripping mad at her and what she is doing, she is NOT loving, she is NOT working on the relationship, she is being only all those things he said about her that they have to bleep bec it is on tv, that’s what it is… and he didn’t make up the stuff about blacvk poeple it was out there already, not that it is true but it is part of the collective myth.

      i am sorry if it hurt you.

      but he used words like gold digger and stuff which i really hate, but it didn’t bother me that much, bec in this one case it looks so obviously spot on, and also, bec i know he is actually hurt, he obviously wanted love with her fake boobs and she was just there to fuck him over and suck him dry, he is very pissed… i can’t say as i blame him, he Did earn the money, he is the artist and creator, she is just the parasite, you can totally see that… and it makes me sick, sicker then his words make me, because i can tolerate a lot of that, bec i value the emotions beneath it which most people in the world reject, i relate on that level, i think it is pure gold, personally, i am different like that… emotions communicate so much better than words or manipulative thoughts ever could. emotions, if you have the courage and want to take the risk to express them cut through everything, and can communicate more than a thousand books, they cut through all the bullshit. and it is a risk to express emotions honestly, and sorry, i just respect that, no matter how unacceptalbe the content may be to people intolerant or reactive to it… the reaction is the problem, not the original expression.

      how about you just radically accept it?… then maybe you can start to see him as a simple human being again, and sort through the rest. he’s not a bad person, he just talks a good line of shit, no big deal… it is sad she had to have it broadcasted, from my perspective it is her who is subjecting us to violent images and so on, she should have dealt with it privately with police and other agencies, but she is doing this for nefarious crappy self serving reasons and that is what i see about it… more than anything.

      what really would have been best is if she wasn’t such a bitch and she had done what a woman should do, and love, love twice for every hate, and just sustained it till he just shut up and mend their own problems, leaving all of us out of it.See More

      July 22 at 12:48pm · ·
    • Roy Rudder Hey Renee, you asked “how about you just radically accept it?” I guess I could answer this here extensively, but Imma leave it short & then leave it alone on your page. The short answer is, like you will not compromise what you believe, I wont compromise my beliefs either. I will say that from the start I agree with SOME things you say, but my final opinion on him has not changed. At the very least if it was just an uncontrollable fit he could simply say sorry….

      July 22 at 1:10pm · ·
    • Lynn Cullin it dont give anyone the right to hit out and i dont like people who insult fellow man dont matter what country thay come

      July 22 at 1:17pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Lynn Cullin from . im from england where you from roy ? but it still dont give her the right to do what she did does it ?

      July 22 at 1:22pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      he can’t do anything, he is being strung up by a greedy vapid girl. he can’t say a thing right now… i am sure he has been advised. i will just say i am sorry that he had that poor choice of words, to bring you or african americans into …his rant, because you are right, there is nothing about you that deserves such a reference, you have never been anything but the most exemplary friend since i first met you… you don’t deserve an allusion like that made about you not by any means at any time at all, but that is why you shouldn’t associate with it and just allow it to roll off, just like i shouldn’t care if he calls her a golddigger or nasty names used often by mysoginists against women, because i myself do not deserve them, he is mad at something worthy of being mad at, a woman seeking to use him and exploit him and take advantage of him, that’s all.. it has nothing at all to do with us!!!

      because Jesus threw tables down in the temple did not mean that he hated devout, earnest and loving people, or that he was a violent or unloving person in general, he hated certain people doing certain things, people who could care less about exploiting and misappropiating the true use of his Father’s temple, and the true value and purpose of their lives, to be in loving communion with their creator…. Jesus’s anger was right on, and that is how it is sometimes. that being said it isn’t the best example. Yes Mel could use some self development, but i really don’t care, he is in LA and has nothing to do with my world and he Shouldn’t now be nightly on the news clouding up my view!!!See More

      July 22 at 1:27pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      just accept it and get past it, it is only words, he didn’t create the prejudice and nasty stereotypes that he brought to light with his words, they don’t go away by ignoring them, it is good to exercise this shit sometimes, maybe one day i…t will have absolutely no power, and that is good, that is how i feel sometimes about swear words, get over it!!! it is just sound waves, it is the emotions their roots and causes that are important… and what we are going to do with it ultimately to be a better people… in the long run.See More
      July 22 at 1:29pm · ·
    • Roy Rudder Ok Group hug everyone! 🙂 @Lynn, I am from Boston Mass, in the States. Love the U.K though, I used to live there…

      July 22 at 3:25pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume Roy yur funny!…. xoxoxoxo

      when are we going to get some exercise, how about we go swimming instead of hiking, it is too hot to work out, lets just have fun! go to wp or the ocean or something… k?

      July 22 at 3:58pm · ·
    • Lynn Cullin Renee i know how you feel !!! my heart goes out to you

      July 22 at 6:42pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Lynn Cullin Renee i know how you feel !!! my heart goes out to you

      July 22 at 6:43pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Lynn Cullin Renee i know how you feel !!! my heart goes out to you

      July 22 at 6:44pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      Thanks Lynn, thanks Roy. It is important to me to be able to express myself, that’s why I excuse unpopular communications from others sometimes, and the disliked people who find themselves saying them, ideas are important, more important t…han moods. Reactions are just reactions, we want to get to the heart of things, at the heart of things Mel Gibson is a harmless ‘fool’. His words are frivolous expressions of a love gone wrong, she could have resolved it or did what she did, i just don’t care for her choice… that’s all. I don’t think his words were that big of a deal, he didn’t threaten to hurt her really, not sincerely…. ah, its just sad for them that there business is all over the news.See More
      July 22 at 9:58pm · ·
    • Roy Rudder

      Awesomeness Renee! I will I encourage you to be always be yourself, honest and speak your mind. Thats how we learn from one another! Not to mention, you should express yourself. I know you have been through a lot. When I meet up with you I… can see that burden of pain, and it saddens me. You should express how you feel so that others may understand you and in some cases may learn from you and not encounter that same pain! Hugs always! 🙂 & yes we should go walking, I always want to and then get suck on these work projects ( I am even working on one now 😦 as we speak. Good nes is I think I can get some sleep tonight! 🙂 xoxoSee More
      July 22 at 10:24pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      it makes me so sad what i have been through too, sadder that it can be seen…. so sad. i am tormented everyday i live. maybe it is only God who can take it all away, no one has even told me that even he could give me back my children an…d my lost days with them (because I want back every one, every moment, complete, and unmolested), so i just don’t know what the point of anything is, when govts can steal your children, your newborns, without cause and the press won’t give you the time of day, the records at court are sealed so no one can see it for themselves it is just solid refuse no matter how you look at it, it is in fact a burden to bear….. and sometimes i have no idea at all what the hell to do about anything. it’s been nice to know you Roy, we should never have lost touch, i don’t know how that happened, it really stinks.

      my first born daughter is with a black woman right now, a single mother, her brother who is also older, like 50 to 60, looks honestly like a crack addict, and i fear what he could be doing to her, meanwhile she has been taught by the baby stealing thieves to believe that i am an “untreated” mentally ill woman, dangerous.

      there seems nothing i can do about that either.

      it is such a waste. massachusetts and boston in particular seems a big fat vaccuum and pile of human waste. i don’t know what to say, with all the talent and intellignece i have and that must exist in the vicinity yet no one will step forward and do a thing for me, to resolve the inanity of this situation, it makes me sick. injustice is sickening. it is definately definately hard to bear….See More

      July 22 at 10:37pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume and i must want to be happy, and whole, and unmolested.

      July 22 at 10:38pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume and with my family.

      July 22 at 10:38pm · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume something that i can never have, apparently….

      July 22 at 10:38pm · ·

      July 22 at 10:58pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 22 at 11:00pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume from now on i won’t let anyone choose me, i will choose them, if i ever find one worth it…. and it won’t be for games like those two sad people are now dealing.

      July 22 at 11:00pm · ·

      July 22 at 11:12pm via Email Reply · ·

      July 22 at 11:13pm via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume no

      July 22 at 11:36pm · ·

      July 23 at 12:25am via Email Reply · ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume joan rivers jokes about mel on letterman tonite, was very funny, if anyone can post a link, she says he should have a box set release of all his rants on diff groups, she said that some are saying he needs to get in touch with his feminine side but she says No, he’ll beat it up!!… very funny, i like her, she was awesome try to find it i hope someone posts it online….

      July 23 at 2:19am · ·
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A local outdoor Play Cyrano de Bergerac

Renee Marie LaPlume

Renee Marie LaPlume Great free outdoor summer play from an awesome and creative theatre company going on this week and next week still, English and Spanish performances, check it out! Cyrano de Bergerac!!!
July 21 at 7:56pm Custom: loading… · · · Share
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How many times around the earth and moon???


Renee commented on Steven Kelly Sillick‘s photo.

Renee commented on Steven Kelly Sillick‘s photo.

Renee commented on Steven Kelly Sillick‘s photo.
Steven Kelly Sillick

Steven Kelly Sillick This first stage thrusters propell the craft directly upwards, fighting gravity, and actually these are big shells filled with jet fuel that burn out completely & fall back to the earth. This brings the spacecraft to 23000-30000 miles altitude above earth.

Then the perspective changes! The earth can be seen as a sph…erical object from this altitude. So, the next phase of travel is to move with the orbit of the earth, not ‘upwards’ or against the gravity of the earth. This helps to accelerate the craft, like a rock in a sling shot, which moves faster and faster. Gravity is like the the slingshooter’s hand in this case, pulling the rock (the spacecraft) back to itself.

Waning moon means the phase between when the moon is full and getting smaller, and crescent moon means when you see the moon as a ‘smile’. It is this period where the gravitational factors are ideal to move towards the moon.

6. what is the price is right dollar sign like? You see, the craft moves from the center of one coil, in its path, and around and then back the other way, and coils around the second object, in this case the moon.

9. doesn’t this scare the fuck out of the astronaut’s? Astronaut’s aspirations and dreams of being in space are bigger than any fears they may encounter. For most astronauts, the opportunity to be weightless in space is worth risking their life. So they can be called either ‘courageous’ because they overcome their fears or ‘fearless’ because they have more aspiration and less fear.

10. do they understand as well as the mechanics/electricians/engineers/mathmeticians and so on how all this stuff works? Astronauts generally have an instinct for the kind of physics that are calculated to the minutest detail mentally or mathematically.

11. how the hell does “reentry” take place?
With re-entry, the scientists factor in the difference between Moon & Earth. The moon, for instance has no atmosphere, which means that there is no air molecules to slow down the landing. For Earth, there is a very thick atmosphere, and when objects like comets and spacecraft are descending at large velocities, the friction created actually lights these things on fire and disintegrates them.

Re-entry begins when the spacepod uses its last bit of jet-fuel to get off the moon, but thankfully a lot less fuel is needed to get off the moon than is to get off the earth. The craft has been shedding its parts all along to maximise “fuel efficiency”… The pattern of orbitals is similiar to the flight from earth to moon, once the spacecraft has gotten into orbit.

With landing, they need a special shield that can withstand the fire (which again, is created by the friction of air at very high speeds). They also equip the spacecraft with a way insulate the spacepod, in order to keep the Astronauts cool enough. They also have a very resilient parachute made out of ‘indestructible’ fibers that is used for the whole craft. Lastly, NASA tries to aim the spacepod into the ocean, because falling into the ocean hurts less than say hitting a mountain.

12. are they capable to just float around in orbit for as long as they like and only slightly move in closer to the earth on each rotation (on account of gravity) if they were not using jet fuel to approach?
As long as the craft is not on any collision course, it can remain on its path as long as the astronauts have enough ‘twinkies’ to sustain themself, so yes.

13. just precisely “how” do they go from the orbit to a “landing” without burning up or gettign the math all wrong and ending up somewhere else entirely…
Answered above: big heat shield, strong parachute, aim for ocean.

14. how did they ever manage to send poor little chimpanzees out there and get the spacecraft back without killing them or losing the ability to calculate their return as well?
They ship has a radio, which is tuned to NASA, and NASA steers the ship for the chimpanzee from the ground, actually. They do not teach the chimpanzee to actually use the piloting equipment.

15. how many miles are between the earth and the moon? 8 million

16. can you orbit anywhere at any level, i mean how far does the rocket have to push off of the earth before it can relax a little, i mean planes don’t orbit, right? 27000 miles

so how far do planes fly, and how far must a rocket fly to get away from crashing directly back? 27000 miles. There are actually jet-planes that can reach this altitude and orbit nowadays.

… how far is the sun from here as well? 8 million miles


and what if they ran out while they were half way home? To run out, halfway home is okay, because the momentum of the spaceship is enough to carry it back to the earth usually.

and what kind of fuel is it, is it the same that we put in our cars???? THE FUEL IS ALMOST ENTIRELY THE SAME AS WE PUT INTO OUR CARS, EXCEPT ALL OF THE EXTRA LOOSE PARTICLES OF DIRT, JUNK & GUNK ARE COMPLETELY REMOVED, or DISTILLED. The first missions used what was at the time only a slight upgrade from Jet-fuel, which itself is a few steps up from ’93’ gas.

See More

July 21 at 7:21pm · · · · See Wall-to-Wall
    • Renee Marie LaPlume

      hey you said the moon is eight million miles from the earth, and you said the sun was eight million miles from the earth, that is impossible!!! how far is the moon actually from the earth, i get the feeling it is unbelievably close… wha…t is it’s size in relation to the earth?

      also, you said the rocket only has to shoot up 23,000 to orbit, i wonder why they don’t plot out plane journeys more using the orbit to minimize fuel use, I have always felt that we could just get up there in space and leave a lot of the work to the moving planet, or is it that the planet brings you with it when it moves….See More

      July 21 at 7:36pm · ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick sorry
      moon is 300,000 miles

      July 21 at 7:37pm ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume hey and maybe is the $ shape really more misshapen, like the one around the earth with big circles and the part that goes around the moon much smaller loops…?

      July 21 at 7:37pm · ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick they do it! You know the guy who owns “Virgin!” Mobile? well he gives jet rides into space for $1,000,000 a pop!

      July 21 at 7:38pm ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick yeah more spirals too.

      July 21 at 7:38pm ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick you get it now! great!

      July 21 at 7:39pm ·
    • Renee Marie LaPlume how many circles around each?….. approximately? is it more around the earth than there are or have to be around the moon?….

      July 21 at 7:43pm · ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick ‎7? lol

      July 21 at 7:48pm ·
    • Steven Kelly Sillick as many as the want…

      July 21 at 7:48pm ·
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